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The media landscape is changing. However, the power of a good film remains. Engine Room is a new breed of production company – a scalable, multi-disciplinary creative hub that works across all formats and channels. We partner with clients, agencies, and broadcasters and pride ourselves on brilliant work and strong working relationships.

We have full service in house production capabilities. We can write your creative or simply make your film. We understand audiences, platforms and strategy. We think big and are not afraid to step outside our comfort zone. We want to craft work that cuts through for your brand or channel – be it advertising, content, corporate, entertainment, government, not-for-profit or animation; long form, short form, commercial or non-commercial.

In the converging media landscape, we are the production company for you.

Adrian Hyde

Managing Director

Adrian grew up obsessively re-watching the best movies the 80’s had to offer and can quote most of them line for line. His love of films somehow led him to do a Commerce degree, and this turned out somewhat handy, because now, his passions have merged to see him found and lead Engine Room. Adrian loves listening to client briefs then encouraging our family of talented people to work together to produce outstanding results that make audiences feel something (yep, he’s the guy who wells-up in movies and when he shows you photos of his kids).

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Damien Cassar

Director & Lead Creative

Storyteller, Dad of two, and inexplicable holder of an honours degree in law, Damien has been directing and writing film, TV, documentaries, advertising and corporates since he was ten – when he remade Back To The Future II  and LabyrinthDamien injects passion into all projects through a burning desire to make art-house films and because he wants everyone to like him. This makes him the perfect creative consigliere to clients, always focused on meeting the brief and producing dynamic (art-house) creative that will make his two children think he is cool.

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Tristan Drummond

Production Director

Tristan once was kissed by a giraffe, which just about says everything really. When he’s not cavorting with animals he’s Engine Room’s Production Director. For fifteen years Tristan has been producing and creating video content for a multitude of platforms and audiences, working with clients such as Škoda, Optus, Jim Beam, NRMA and Airtasker. Tristan enjoys the unique production challenges that new projects bring and delivering the optimum solution…to budget of course. He has worn many hats in video production including soundie, editor, animator, storyboard artist, interview, producer and poker player. Tristan once had a life of adventure until a baby arrived. Now he’s waiting until she’s old enough to swing a machete in the jungle so he can kiss another giraffe.


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Georgia Mappin


Georgia Mappin is an experienced Producer with a passion for developing original comedy, TVC’s & Branded content.
She was the winner of the SBS/Screen NSW comedy development initiative ‘Comedy Runway’ in 2014 and has also developed & produced a twenty episode series for ABC3 called ‘Kid vs Kid’, which aired on the network in 2016. When she’s not developing & working towards a new TV idea, she is either working in Television (recently Survivor AU) – she is expanding on her years of experience in the advertising industry.

Tristan Beacroft

Senior Editor

Tristan is a creative online/offline, senior editor and colourist with over 16 years of experience in post- production. He has worked across a wide scope of media including broadcast television series, television commercials, documentary, drama, music videos, online content and promotional material for philanthropy.

We want to craft work that cuts through for your brand or channel – be it advertising, content, corporate, government, not-for-profit or animation; long form, short form, commercial or non-commercial.